[REACT-LIST] 2018 - Regions 1, 4, 7 up for election

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Dear: REACT Member


Director Nominations


Use for nominating yourself or another member to run for the Board of
Directors. Each director serves a 3 year term and 3 directors are elected
per year on a rotating basis.


.    2018 - Regions 1, 4, 7 up for election

.    2019 - Regions 2, 5, 8 up for election

.    2020 - Regions 3, 6, 9 up for election

Click Here for Nomination Form


See nomination form for requirements. Must be 21+ and have been a REACT
member for at least 3 years, plus have demonstrated leadership abilities at
local / council or other non-profit org levels. Must reside in, and be a
member of a team in, the region for which you are applying to run. Need to
be able to cover own expenses incurred in the course of your duties as a
director, including travel & lodging expense to attend annual board meeting.


E-mail and electronic communications (Skype) is used heavily by the board,
thus a reliable computer and hi-speed Internet connection is a
recommendation for all successful candidates. There are no term limits for


March 15, 2018 Deadline to receive nomination forms.

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