[REACT-LIST] Tip for PR Keeners

Ron McCracken Ron.McCr at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 8 14:13:56 EST 2018

Calendars. People like calendars, for a variety of reasons.

Pocket calendars are hard to come by. Very useful, I've found, and scarce, as you likely know too well. That makes them your friend. People will keep them, for at least a year. Thus, they are an excellent PR tool since they are so practical.

Warning. Your calendar must be easily readable. That means you want half the year on one side, half on the other. That is actually a bonus for you since you can provide your contact details on both sides for easy reference. You want the numerals large for easy reading. The months can be smaller.

Place your contact info at the bottom of the card. Have your printer 'reverse' the colours so your info appears in white on a colour background. You can include the REACT logo at one side, and the year at the other. The contrast this gives is very effective, at no extra cost.

Ordering later in the year? You can print with the last half of 2018 on one side and the first half of 2019 on the other to get full value from your dollars.

Pocket calendars make excellent 'business' cards since people will guard them with their lives. Give them a try. Let me know off-List how they work for you. Have fun.

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