[REACT-LIST] This my be the Last Time I post the Worldwide REACT Net do to the Lack of REACT Members not Checking In

Tomrose Jenkins tomrosejenkins at yahoo.com
Mon May 1 16:08:37 EDT 2017

Mr Jay Flora
It has been great that you took the time from your very busy schedule to promote the REACT net, but you must realize that not everybody can devote every waking moment to what you feel is most important in life.
If this is the way you feel then my recommendation is leave the net advertising to others and you strive to become more proficient at your English skills. I have checked into the net and got very bored at listening to your exploits of scanner chasing accidents to make yourself more important.

If you were concerned maybe talking about the ICS, NIMS, training would be more helpful and that might generate more interest in people checking in. 
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Tomorrow night 5/02/2017 at 9:00 Pm EST REACT Net Echolink 109779 DCF-ARC 336037 and IRLP 9257 we need a lot of REACT Members Checking-In not Just 4 or 6 and the Other 20 Check-In are not REACT Members This is a REACT Net so if You are a REACT Member and are a Radio Amateur Please Check-In and tell all Your Team Members Who are Radio Amateurs and tell all Your Radio Amateur Friends to They are Welcome to Check-In This Net is a Open Net all are Welcome BUT we need More REACT M...embers Checking-In.

I Start the REACT Net in 2010 to Promote REACT and get the Name out There and in to the Radio Amateur Community and the World.

This my be the Last Time I post the Worldwide REACT Net do to the Lack of REACT Members not Checking In May be do a Net 2 or 1 Time a Month or not at all it is Bad When Only 7 or 8 REACT Members Check-In and the 20 Other Check-Ins are Non REACT Members or Give it a new Name the Tuesday night Worldwide Info Net.

This Net Wood be Better if REACT Members Check-In and give Info on There Team and watt They will be Doing and Pass Info to Other Teams/Members the Lack of REACT Members Don't Look Good This is a REACT Net but all Radio Amateurs are Welcome to Check-In BUT IF YOUR GOING TO CALL IT A REACT NET REACT MEMBERS NEED TO CHECK-IN NOT JUST 5 OR 6.

Jay Flora 

Cleveland County REACT



Shelby, NC

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