[REACT-LIST] Ware is REACT When the When Sum One Needs HELP

Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 react-unit-14 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 2 13:19:10 EST 2017

Amateur Radio is Taking REACT Away from watt REACT use to Stand for Helping the Public in Times of Emergency’s In Order for the Public to get HELP They all will Have to get a Amateur Radio License to use Amateur Radio.

By getting Away from CB Radio going to Amateur Radio REACT is NOT Helping the Public in the WAY we Use to  Watt GOOD is REACT When no one can Call Them on CB/FRS or any Non License Radio That REACT STOP MONITORING all REACT is Just a AMATEUR RADIO CLUB.

Like Yesterday 3/01/2017 we had Server Storms Hitting and CB Radio was Hoping with People Looking for Storm Info Cleveland County REACT was There to Help Them.

I You had a Bad Storm in You Area and People got on the CB Radio and Call for Storm Info Ware Wood Your REACT Team be Yes on Amateur Radio and not on CB Helping THE PUBLIC LIKE REACT USE TO DO.

This is Why People Don’t Know About REACT Any More and Thank it is Dead I Love my Amateur Radio BUT it is not going to Take Me Away form Helping the PUBLIC Giving Weather/Road/ and Address Info.

If You are on the Road YOU WILL NOT GET TRAFFIC INFO on Road Block Traffic Accident’s so You can got off at the Next EXIT by Just Using AMATEUR RADIO I KNOW BEEN THERE.

I will Never go any Ware With out a CB Radio in My Car the Amateur Radio Int. Call Channel for get it No One Monitors it and if You Have a EMERGENCY Your not Going to Take Time to Look Up a Repeater Feq in a Book and Prog. It in to a Radio.

So Now REACT is Just a Another Amateur Radio Club! I Hear REACT Members Say CB is Dead in My Area White Tell all the Cell Phones go Down see how Fast CB will be Hoping and Then Ware Will REACT Be Yes on Amateur Radio and the Public Can’t get Help from REACT.

Jay Flora KBUO-6508 CB-9-19

Cleveland County REACT


Shelby, NC

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