[REACT-LIST] REACT Team 4800 Fourth of July Event

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Sounds like your team is very active and doing it right!! My first team was
Clinch Valley REACT in SW Virginia and was quite active with similar
projects. Many teams now only want to be "communicators" and not the support
that we gave many years ago. 
Recently a REACT member told me that he was asked to do something that
wasn't communications specific and he told a representative of the
organization they were supporting that "I don't do that, I'm a
communicator". I work in a hospital and we ARES doing our amateur radio for
Emergency Management however, one comment like that from a member and they
would be ask to leave and the funding (radios, feedline, antenna and food
for deployments) would stop! 
Keep up the great work and keep the publicity coming. 

Paul - W4ATN
ARRL Life Member

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While most Americans were waking up to begin their Fourth of July
festivities, the members of REACT team 4800 in Flagler County Florida were
just getting started on what would be a very long day for them. 
Team 4800 has been assisting the Flagler Beach police department, in one way
or another, with the "Fabulous Fourth" event since 1986.

This event consists of a parade in the morning, followed by a fireworks
display in the evening.  The team's current involvement includes assisting
with the parade line-up, starting before 8:00 AM, followed by crowd and
traffic control assistance during and after the parade. 
Beginning around 6:00 PM, team members rove around Flagler Beach, assisting
law enforcement by providing a visible presence around the town, and
reporting any problems (overly beveraged revelers, fights, etc...), ensuring
the majority of attendees have a good experience.

Just before the fireworks start, the team members arrive at their assigned
posts to provide crowd and traffic control assistance after the fireworks
show is over, to protect the pedestrians making their way on and off the
beach, and around town, and to flow the traffic out of Flagler Beach as
smoothly as possible.  By the time traffic resumes its normal flow, it is
well past 11:00 PM.  After a quick debrief, the tired, sore, and sunburned
team members finally depart, another "Fabulous Fourth" event completed
safely and successfully.

Howard Pepper
REACT Team 4800

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