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Wow. Is this the largest number yet? Even Australia. Any of these check-ins who are involved in safety efforts similar to REACT would be good to encourage and maintain. Excellent.

Jay, I note that you posted this report to 4 lists of which I am a member. For some reason, lately I am receiving posts only from the irlp list. If you could alert the list managers of the two yahoogroups for me, I would appreciate it. I have contacted John about the REACT List so I will alert him again. Thanks. Well done.

From: react_irlp_net at yahoogroups.com <react_irlp_net at yahoogroups.com> on behalf of Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 react-unit-14 at hotmail.com [react_irlp_net] <react_irlp_net at yahoogroups.com>
Sent: January 21, 2017 7:32 PM
To: REACT LIST; REACTcommunications at yahoogroups.com; react_irlp_net; reactintl at yahoogroups.com; REACT4800
Subject: [react_irlp_net] Fw: REACT CHECK INS FOR JAN. 17TH BIG NIGHT

Hear are the World Wide REACT Net Check-In for 1-17-2017 KD4YSH Joe Net Control.


kj6qaj  John  Pres. React Intl.
9z4rg  Robby Region 9 Director
kj6qaj   John Region 8 Director
kd4ysh  Joe Region 3 Director
wa4jay  Jay REACT R-1 Shelby NC
kconuk  Jeremy Gr. I neb
9z4rgn  Ronald Trin Tab.
kf6rfq Jon Blk berry React Menlow Park,CA
w6ghz  Rich (CCARS) Shelby,NC
waybpw  Sam   Boiling Sprngs,NC REACT R-5
kk4kbl  Barry Shelby REACT R-17
V2ldj  Deniese  Antiqua
kw0fda  David  Gr. Isl, NB
ke0hzy  Brian  Neb.
vk2dy  Robert  Sidney, Aus.
n4blh  Ben
k2hze  Tom Bronx, NY
kw4svh  Mike  Spring Hill, Fl
n6pll  Jim neb.
9z4c  Bert Trin. Tab
va3ya  Hawaii
k5drc  Dennis  Bombay, India
n4lap  Andy  (CCARS) Shelby, NC
n4stf  Steve  Forest City, NC
n4bxb  Herb (CCARS) Shelby,NC
n5bmy  Chad
n7jy-l  Link Jim
kc6bxl  Baldor  Ecuador
g3sea  Paul  Hawaii
kd2arb  Pete  NJ
Kd4ysh  Joe Tn
Kd4stt Tom Tn
kk4ztg  Janette TN
km4sst  Dean TN
km4ssq  Tom TN Star Mt. REACT
ve1klr  Martin Nova Scotia
kb0bll  Tod  Gr. Isl, NB
kd2ljc  Keith  NY
km4ooc  Mike  N. Dak.
kr1sto  Chris  North Platte, NB
n7ecv  Shawn  Naches, WA
kg5pmn  james  Ft. Worth, TX
je6hez  Kunio   Japan
zs6iix  South Africa
kc2esu  Joey  White Pl, NY
kg4jjm  Robert  Cherryville,NC
N4hyk doc Fl
kk4smv  Dale  (CCARS) Shelby, NC
ki4bym  Jimmy AL
9z4daa  David Trin. Tab.
w4yab  Everett  (CCARS) Shelby,NC
ka4txy  Dave plam Coast,FL
9z4os   Orville

Posted by: Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 <react-unit-14 at hotmail.com>
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