[REACT-LIST] There use to be a Group Call REACT Back in the 70s 80s and 90s

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With the advent of cell phones, digital communications via email, twitter,
Facebook, snapchat, etc., etc., the need for CB and amateur radio have
declined over the years. It used to be the only communications the "common"
person had access to from the vehicle was CB. Now it is estimated that 95%
of all Americans have a cell phone. I don't think that CB hit those numbers
even CB was at it height of popularity. In addition, all mobile radios have
limited range, not secure, noisy and unlimited amount of foul language and
just plain rude people why have a CB? I think it is much less in less
populated areas however, I live in the Baltimore - Washington area and
although I own several CBs, none are in my vehicle and the one I have in the
house is disconnected. The reason, see above. I think it is still a
potentially valuable means of communications in an emergency. I can connect
my CB at the base up in about 10 mins or less and install one in my car in
about the same amount of time. 

As a REACT team we are not growing and unfortunately actually shrinking.
Last year we had one of our members to become SK and this year one of our
members has not yet paid their dues. That still leaves us with sufficient
members to be a team but barely! When talking to others about becoming a
REACT member question is "what does REACT offer that I'm not getting from
XXXX radio club" or "what does REACT offer that I'm not doing with CERT". I
don't really know how to answer that. The fact is that those of us who are
members of REACT are also members of the radio club (or clubs) and CERT
members so, what do we offer? We used to do the coffee (safety) breaks, we
used to do the things that CERT does now (traffic management, parking, SAR,
Parade Marshals, etc.) but at some point we decided that we (not all teams)
were only communicators! I've said this on these lists before but, in my
first team, Clinch Valley REACT in Tazewell County, VA., we did LOTS of
public service. Not only coffee breaks but highway safety patrols and the
things listed above. The Sherriff's office dispatcher had a radio that was
always on and we could contact the dispatcher directly. During other events
such as snow storms and the night before Halloween and Halloween night we
had a set up in the Dept. of Highways office.

I think to a large extend we have "shot ourselves in the foot" by leaving
some of those things behind. 

Just one more though, in our county and I dare say most of the US (because
of DHS / FEMA) if an organization is not NIMS compliant there no place at
the table for that organization. 



Paul - W4ATN


ARRL Life Member


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I was setting in my Car just had Lunch when 2 Trucks pull in to the Packing
lot to Eat the 2 Drivers Shaw me and say There use to be a Group Call REACT
Back in the 70s 80s and 90s I Told Them I was That REACT we are Still Around
Jan-23 be 56 Years They Told me They Drive all over USA and Never Hear a
REACT Team on the CB Radio or Seen any in 30 Years and ask me was we the
only REACT Team Around I Told Them that REACT Teams go away from CB Radio
Got in to Ham Radio and Don't Care About CB Radio I Told Them REACT is World
Wide I Told Them That Are REACT Team use CB Radio Monitor CB-9 on Base and
on Mobile we Monitor CB-19 I Told Them to Look up the Webpage and the
REACTer Magazine it is Bad When People Don't Know About REACT and Thank Your
Team is the Only one Around.

REACT needs sum Big Time PR on TV and Radio and CB Radio to let People Know
we are Still Around it is Time for REACT Teams to get on CB Radio Ch-19 and
ID as REACT and Monitor to Help Truckers and all People Give out Traffic
Info and Help Truckers get to ware They are Going That Wood be Good PR for


Merry Christmas and God Bless to all.


Jay Flora WA4JAY  KBUO-6508 CB-9-19 and WQSJ-975 GMRS

Cleveland County REACT


Cleveland County Amateur Radio Service (CCARS)

Shelby, NC


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