[REACT-LIST] Jan-Feb 2007 Scanner Digest.

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I hope REACTers note how effective the REACT logo version chosen by Scanner Digest is on that white page for the contrast it gives. If your Team is preparing material that will appear on a white/light background, consider using that version for maximum impact on those who see your item/s. It will help the logo to register more firmly in their memories.

If you prefer to use the original version, you can achieve similar results as easily. Consider having the printer simply add a black field surrounding the logo. Again, the contrast will result in maximum impact for your item/s. It amounts to getting a whole lot more 'bang for your Teams' buck'. Usually, it will cost no extra so it is well worth inquiring.

To see what the black field achieves, check the 'REACT Members' Facebook page. Robby's posts often feature that version of the logo, and for very good reason.

Merry CHRISTmas to all, and to all a Happy 2018. Blessings

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Thanks loads, Jay.

Kenny Jagdeosingh,
REACT T 2496.

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I found This About REACT in Jan-Feb 2007 Scanner Digest.


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