[REACT-LIST] 'How to Search' Self-Teaching PowerPoint Series

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Wed Apr 19 17:35:41 EDT 2017

This teaching library may be helpful to REACT Teams for training and other purposes. The SAR website may prove helpful too. Check them out as tools that may benefit your Team in a variety of ways. If you come up with an unusual one, please be sure to share your Team's idea here and on the REACT Members FB page so all can consider it. Thanks, and best wishes for some great REACT Month events.


A gift to the Centre for Search Research (CSR) from the estate of Frank Parker made this "how to search" series of self teaching modules possible. Additionally, the estate provided funding for the SAR Alliance website (http://www.isaralliance.com/).
International SAR Alliance<http://www.isaralliance.com/>
International SAR Alliance "A collaboration for SAR innovation and best practice" The International SAR Alliance is a cyber-organisation formed in 2005 by ERI ...

The mission of the SAR Alliance is to foster the free exchange of SAR information and innovations. The word “free” is also inherent in the mission statement. These self teaching modules and all information provided by the SAR Alliance is free. The free exchange and use is encouraged.


Library - ERI International<http://eri-intl.com/library.html>
Library. ERI is pleased to make available select publications and documents we have produced as well as additional material. You are most welcome to read and use this ...


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