[REACT-LIST] [REACTINTL] CB Radios at the Ready?

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Sat Oct 8 16:17:03 EDT 2016

Great report, Joe and John. Hopefully, we will hear from other REACTers on their adventures, too.

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Region 3 was the unlucky number for hurricane Matthew we were very busy making radio contacts up and down the east coast of Florida. I contacted each member of the Flagler React Team to let them know we were standing ready and had them to set up the Zello communications app so we could keep in touch world wide. I also set up the DMR digital communications net on the North America channel  for all traffic to report, we also monitored the REACT conference server on Echolink node number 109779, it was a busy long night but minor damage in south Florida. Once again the CB radio will make an important communications tool for all the truck drivers and emergency people to communicate because there are several cell towers out of service and massive power outages. REACT will help out where we are needed in this terrible weather event as I write this the hurricane is passing Daytona Beach so far all have been lucky in Florida with just a pass by with rain and winds. I can see the sales of CB radios and portable transistor radios and last but not least the weather radio with alert notification to jump in sales. We all hope the states in the rest of the path of Region 3 will be as lucky as all of the coast. Be safe, watch the weather, monitor your radios and check into the weekly World Wide  REACT Net  9PM Eastern Echolink mode 109779 or  336037 every Tuesday night. Please have your team practice a weekly net or a bi monthly net on CB radio, Zello, and other radios you have in place for your team, communications is vital and practice is also important. The ECOMM Training is available through REACT and its free and it will put everyone on the same page please contact me or your Regional Director for more information.

Joe Zych
Region 3 Director React International Inc.
KB3UEZ Net Control World Wide REACT Net

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Thank You Ron. Yes, all teams remember to send us info on what you're doing or have done during this emergency!

Our prayers are with all of you as you battle through this. Stay safe!

Will S
On 10/6/2016 10:33:06 PM, Ron McCracken ron.mccr at hotmail.com [REACTINTL] <reactintl at yahoogroups.com> wrote:

REACTers in the southeast will want to dust off those CB radios if you haven't been monitoring CB 9 or 19 for a while.

When Matthew has passed, there will be hundreds of truckers visiting with relief and building material loads. Most will be unfamiliar with the area. You will be able to provide an invaluable service to the truckers, and thus to citizens awaiting their loads, by giving directions and other information the truckers will need.

REACTers along the Space Coast and Gold Coast of Florida played a key role during Hurricane Andrew in similar circumstances. You may already have some stories to tell concerning truckers and others fleeing Florida. Jot them down to share with Will for 'The REACTer'. Best wishes to all involved. Our prayers are with you. Keep us posted. Blessings

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