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Shelby Police, Fire, Cleveland County Sheriff and all Volunteers Fire and EMS/Rescue in Shelby, NC Still use 10-Codes and Codes and Signals and NC Highway Patrol and a lot of Police/Sheriff and Fire EMS/Rescue in NC Still use 10 Codes to Save Time on the Radio we at Cleveland County REACT use Shelby Police Codes.

Jay Flora

Cleveland County REACT

Shelby, NC

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You are right Paul. And moreover, NIMS is not just a recommendation, it's a mandate. https://emilms.fema.gov/IS700aNEW/NIMS0101100.htm

The NIMS Mandate - Federal Emergency Management Agency<https://emilms.fema.gov/IS700aNEW/NIMS0101100.htm>
HSPD-5 requires all Federal departments and agencies to: Adopt NIMS and use it in their individual incident management programs and activities.

So anybody still issuing a 10 code list is out of compliance. That being said, I still occasionally hear "10-4" for acknowledgement on our county system, but that's about the last hold out.
Stan AB3EM

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How many departments / agencies are still using "ten-codes"? One of the interoperability / ICS recommendations is plain language. All of the agencies / departments in the area around this area have done just that. Confidential conversations are on encrypted talk groups (this includes some FD, Emergency Management and Health Department TGs).


Paul - W4ATN

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hi guys and gals,how is everyone in Cleveland County REACT.The Mint Hill Police Chief gave me A set of The Mecklenburg County  10-Codes They use.I promised him would NOT MAKE ANY MORE COPIES.So I kept that promise.Out of RESPECT TO HIM!. Daniel Lawrence Carriker III.

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