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Unfortunately, the term "REACT" is trademarked  by REACT International only 
for certain  purposes, and law enforcement isn't one of them. I think 
there's another law  enforcement group in California which uses "REACT."
The new REACT logo recently adopted by the Board of Directors  probably has 
no protection whatsoever. It hasn't been trademarked, and the  "REACT" it 
uses is different from  the one we have trademarked.
Dir, Reg 5
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Negotiation is  the only avenue open in situations like this/these. The 
faster your Team  contacts the agency/group involved, the better are the 
chances of arranging a  change. Once letterhead, patches, etc., have been ordered 
it becomes much  harder. This is another reason for maintaining close 
liaison with your Team's  safety partners. They may hear of plans that will cause 
'name confusion' and  be able to alert your Team early in the process.  

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Oh good... just what REACT needs – ANOTHER agency using our acronym,  
confusing the population about what we do!

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And  Check out New REACT by the Goldsboro and Wayne County Sheriff Dept in 
North  Carolina    


Take  Care and God Bless to all.

Jay Flora KBUO-6508  CB-9-19
Cleveland County REACT Team 4935
Shelby,  NC


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