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As a REACT Member I Thank REACT needs to get Back to Using CB Radios NOT JUST AMATEUR RADIO if we don't We will be JUST ANOTHER AMATEUR RADIO CLUB we at Cleveland County REACT use CB Radio and Give Info out on Channel-19 of Accidents and how to get Around Them and People are Glad to Know That REACT in Shelby, NC Still use CB Radio to Help in Times of Emergencys so Non Amateurs can get Help That is watt REACT is all About Not Getting Away from CB Radio to Amateur or GMRS but to Keep CB Alive so People can get Help if the Phones and Cell Phones go Down That is When People will Turn to CB Radio and if REACT is not There to Help watt Good is REACT AND YES THERE IS JUNK ON CB RADIO BUT PEOPLE STILL USE IT and WILL FOR HELP IN TIMES OF EMERGENCYS.
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