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Tue Jan 26 22:25:10 EST 2016

Congratulations to Chuck on his return to the Board.

A healthy move indeed.


On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 3:49 AM, <ChuckTho at aol.com> wrote:

> It is unfortunate that Mr. Walters took it upon himself to comment upon a
> situation about which he knows virtually nothing.
> I was waiting for a list of the email addresses for all of the Teams and
> individual members in Region 5 to fill you in on my election by the RI
> Board of Directors to fill the *vacant* position of Region 5 Director,
> which expires in about 6 months.
> Over the weekend, I learned that no one from Region 5 had stepped forward
> and offered to serve the Region as their Director. I called Larry Fry, who
> well represented Region 5 for more than a decade, and offered to take on
> the challenge provided (1) he would recommend it to the Board and (2)
> TriCity REACT would allow me to join their Team.
> Larry approved and I was allowed to join TriCity REACT (Unit 315 R).
> My name was submitted to the RI Board by Director Jerry Jones (Region 7)
> and Larry Fry was contacted by the Board to verify the information and
> recommendation. At the conclusion of the Board meeting, I was unanimously
> elected to serve as Director until the upcoming election process is over in
> early July.
> I committed to Larry, and to the Board, that I would run for (re)election
> in Region 5, but that if a suitable candidate (not Mr. Walters) presented
> him/herself, I would immediately withdraw. *It is not my intention to
> deprive Region 5 of its own home-grown Director, it is only to serve the
> Region which has been without a Director for several years).*
> It is my intention to fully represent Region 5. My wife, Judy, and I have
> already discussed the possibility of visiting some of the Teams in the next
> few months. As soon as I receive the email addresses from REACT
> International, I will begin regular communications with Region 5's Teams
> and individual members, keeping all informed and being of assistance when I
> can.
> I am 81 years old, but still fully active in life and in REACT. I am a
> retired attorney (Texas, US Supreme Court), I am retired as a colonel, US
> Army (I was/am a field artilleryman). I served as an enlisted man in the
> Montana National Guard 1953-55, on active Army duty as an officer
> 1955-1963, in the Texas Army National Guard 1963-1975, and in the Army
> Reserve until I retired in 1985 -- a total of 32 years serving our
> country. For three years (1966-69) I served as Assistant Dean and Assistant
> Professor of Law at the Southern Methodist University School of Law, from
> which I graduated third in my class (of about 95) in 1966 (yes, I was
> employed as Asst Dean and Asst Roof of Law immediately upon graduation from
> SMU Law).
> In REACT, I have served as Field Director, Vice President, President, Vice
> President & General Counsel, General Counsel, and Secretary. For the past
> three years, I have been a regular advisor to President Capodanno, and have
> completed a number of projects benefiting REACT International. I have been
> a behind-the-scenes assistant editor for many issues of the REACTer,
> starting in 2005. In 1998, I was a member of the Bylaws & Policies
> Committee and together with Johnny Stowers, significantly rewrote the
> Bylaws to preclude many of the unfortunate actions of the Board prior to
> 1998. I am Life Member 147, having become a LM in 1982.
> I have been a member of Dallas County REACT since 1 April 1976 -- almost
> 40 years. During that time, I have been president 3 times (for 1 year, 14
> years, and 3 years, my last stint ending in November 2014). I have also
> served as the Team's secretary and treasurer for many  years, and am
> currently acting secretary and assistant treasurer. *The last General
> Meeting of Dallas County REACT that I missed was in January 1978 -- at that
> meeting I missed because of Army Reserve duty, I was elected secretary of
> DCR, and have managed not to miss a meeting since! If you're counting,
> that's 38 years. During that same period, I have missed only one DCR Board
> meeting. I do participate in REACT!*
> I have been a licensed GMRS user (KAD 4253) since 1982 and a licensed ham
> radio operator (N5IAG, General class) since 1983. For about 25 years,
> 1970-1995, Dallas County REACT operated a central base station on Channel 9
> -- I am the third highest on the list of hours monitored there, second only
> to a couple of retired members who monitored 5 hours a day, 5 days a week!
> I still maintain a CB base station at home, as well as GMRS and amateur
> stations.
> As soon as I can get y'alls email addresses (yep, I am a native-born
> Texan), I'll be in contact and will be able to better serve Region 5. I
> will do so because I want to serve the Region, not to besmirch the
> character of someone else.
> *Incidentally, I'm available on Skype, username ChuckTho. You might have
> to send me an email (**chucktho at aol.com**) ahead of time -- I'm receiving
> up to 5 requests a day from persons of shady character and I accept only
> those where I know the caller.*
> REACTively,
>              Chuck
> Charles A (Chuck) Thompson LM 147
> Director, Region 5, REACT International, Inc.
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