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Thanks Stan. I read the article and the one thing that caught my attention is that it will take over an hour assemble and tune the Maco V58. That will work for a permanent installation but I’d like to have something to assemble quickly and easily for EmComm use. I suppose that the assembly time could be cut considerably with marking the tubing once assembled. Still putting together several sections with clamps is time consuming. I like my Diamond X-300 for amateur use and use several times each year for our clubs Public Service events. I’d like a CB antenna that is easy to screw together and install the radials and not worry about the tuning. The Solarcon A99 with ground plane kit looks promising but I’d like to see some reviews.





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Here is a good article on base antennas. 5/8 wave are best for gain as far as vertical omnis go. While this article is a sales pitch for the one the author built for review, he mentions other brands and does some comparison. Might point at a solution. I have a base antenna some one gave me. It’s the A99. I have it taken apart and as a winter project I intend to clean it (take rust off) and get all new screws for it, rebuild it and get it out on a warm day.







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Subject: [REACT-LIST] CB Radio Recommendations


After many, many years of not having a CB I’m looking to purchase 2 radios, one for home and one for mobile / portable emergency operations. I’d like to purchase the same radio for both and would like suggestions as to what you would recommend. Also, recommendations on base antennas would be appreciated. 



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