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 Below is some more input on old call signs from Bob Hitch. His has to be one of the earliest call signs in CB among current REACTers, I imagine. I had not seen one like it. If you can recall PURAC, Bob was a REACT representative to that FCC advisory panel, too. Too bad FCC dropped it. Enjoy this bit of nostalgia.

A long long long time ago my first Class D CB Licence issued in early 
1959  was   10W3180   Company Call
 OOPS! Uncle Charlie mistake  canceled several month later was 
actually series call for another country.
Years later applied for my own call which was  KQV 5175.  Gonset 
Then as Chuck  has mentioned  Dallas County Was issued KBP 6103 
the  4-20-81 version was for 800 Transmitters.
Yup back in the Hay day of CB Radio 400 Plus members.   Some one 
on team knew someone  in DC which later
was moved to  Gettysburg where Richard Evert was Boss and the 
Plane English no legalese Rules were in effect. 
Can't remember when Channel Nine was designated Emergency and Road assistance 
Could tell you all sorts of additional tales but won't bore anyone.  
Chuck is right to my knowledge never was a Test for CB.
    In fact at onetime you could make up your own call 
Bob Hitch  U 14  Dallas County REACT  TX  formerly 
Operation REACT Watch of Dallas County (OCT 1967)   
LM 181   
TECH +  WB5WUB (Oct 1976)  General (2000)?Rule Changes

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