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My call is KDD-5784. 

Like you, I still use it in my travels. I got it around 1979 so the 3x4 system was still around then. I can't recall whether I had to pay a fee. What prompted me to get a CB was a search for a student from my school who had vanished. The fellows with CB radios were far more efficient searchers so I decided then to get one. The student was found safe the next day in Toronto. He had run away over a bad report. He sure ruined a lot of people's evening, but it led to our forming a REACT Team a short time after with some of the searchers as founding members.

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My Call is KBUO-6508 I got it in 1981 I Turn 18 in North Charleston, SC and I Still use it on the CB and My Dad Call was KAZD-9249 He got it in 1977 in Homestead, Fla we had a Pearce-Simpson Ally Cat 23 Channel Mobile in the Car and on Base we had a Messenger
 5 Channel White Face Johnson Base. Ch-19-9-12-14-3.

Jay Flora KBUO-6508 CB-9-19

Cleveland County REACT

Shelby, NC

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Hi Chuck, 
I’m not real sure about that, but it seems to me there was a change of some sort... maybe they eliminated a charge or something. Anyway, they made whatever that change was and that’s when they changed the license numbers from
 3/4 to 4/4.
Will Stanley (LM 273)


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Hello Chuck.
Happy New Year.
CB 3x4 license call signs used to be identifiable by the letters which indicated a geographical area of the owner.
Connecticut was KQ_-____, California was KD_-____, etc. When the call signs turned to 4x4 calls, CREST got a KBJJ-1824 which we still proudly claim. I recall when license fees were
 $4, $20, and even FREE. CB history has certainly come a LONG way since 1964 when I became active.
Ed Greany, LM555
KB6DOL / KAD6554 / KQA-7422

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Will --
I don't believe there was ever a test for a CB license. I don't recall taking one.

As I remember, the licenses were 3x4 for a few years, until the FCC ran out of that series. My CB call was KJT7044, which I obtained in 1973 (I think). Dallas County REACT's call was KBP6103 (and we still use it in the rare
 instances when we take a CB call!).

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Mine was KAMN-3919, one of the new ‘no test’ licenses.


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Remember This for CB Radio hope the Pix Turn Out.





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