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Glad you found it helpful, Paul. Just to clarify for others, there is no need to order the disk as far as I know. It is an option for those who would find it more convenient than reading online. It is nice to have the option though. 

Even ham print magazines are vanishing. 'CQ' is now available only as an e-publication. Times are changing fast.

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Ron,Thanks for posting this. I used the link and ordered the 1999 – 2013 disk. So much history in these magazines that we may not see again. I also miss “Pop Comm”, “S-9”, “VHF” and others who I can’t remember.  Paul  Paul – W4ATNGrid: FM18qw From: REACT-LIST [mailto:react-list-bounces at lists.reactintl.net] On Behalf Of Ron McCracken
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Subject: [REACT-LIST] Monitoring Times Fans of Monitoring Times will be happy to learn that 10 years of back issues are available online at  

http://americanradiohistory.com/Monitoring-Times.htm  . Note that an index for each year appears in the December (earlier) or January (later) issue to help you. Have a look now that winter is here, and enjoy in the new year.





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