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You’re absolutely right Chuck. I forgot about National Commutations and I am a subscriber. As far as I’m concerned it the ONLY magazine left that is comprehensive. 

The one thing I’d like to see Nat Comm do is to PUSH the subscriptions rather than be a passive subscription or at least send an email that the new issue is now online. 


Paul – W4ATN

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Paul, I know you know this because you're a subscriber, but thought I'd pass this along to the others, too. National Communications Magazine has been around since 1988, the same decade that brought us the legendary Monitoring Times and Popular Communications. I wrote for both magazines over the years and even served as Pop'Comm's editor in the mid-1990s. 


While many magazines, especially all the CB magazines of the 1970s and then the 1990s, have long died, we moved National Communications Magazine from a printed/mailed product to a PDF download that looks exactly like the printed magazine at the end of 2013, or we also probably would have died the same death. We're stronger than ever and have made many improvements to the magazine over the past few years.


National Communications Magazine is the only magazine that still covers CB radio. We have anywhere from one to three articles about CB in each issue (every other month) with the rest of the content being scanning and two-way radio as it relates to the radio hobby, especially MURS, GMRS and FRS. My days in CB radio go back too many decades and I also have been involved with REACT and ALERT over the years, including forming a REACT team when I was a teen. 


I'm always on the lookout for new good writers, especially on CB radio topics, and perhaps there are some on this list who may have an interest (and yes, we pay immediately on publication, unlike others who are slow to pay). It's a good opportunity to promote REACT activity, too. I'd consider some type of partnership with REACT International, if there is interest. At one time, I wrote and edited the REACT column for Popular Communications because of a partnership between REACT and Pop'Comm. My contact info is shown below (best to do so offlist).


Just throwing it out there for an opportunity to advance REACT. I'm not a member of the other lists that this thread goes to, just this one, so feel free to spread the word.


Happy New Year and 73,


Chuck Gysi, N2DUP | KAB3210, editor and publisher 
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Thanks for posting this. I used the link and ordered the 1999 – 2013 disk. 

So much history in these magazines that we may not see again. I also miss “Pop Comm”, “S-9”, “VHF” and others who I can’t remember. 





Paul – W4ATN

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Fans of Monitoring Times will be happy to learn that 10 years of back issues are available online at  

 <http://americanradiohistory.com/Monitoring-Times.htm> http://americanradiohistory.com/Monitoring-Times.htm  . Note that an index for each year appears in the December (earlier) or January (later) issue to help you. Have a look now that winter is here, and enjoy in the new year.

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