[REACT-LIST] Life-saving CB Call

Ron McCracken ron.mccr at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 14 14:39:15 EST 2016

Hopefully, many of you have already seen this video Jay posted on the 'REACT Members' FB page. If so, you can delete this. If not, you owe it to yourself to watch it a few times to let its lessons really sink in.

You can learn from it. You can take pride in it. Perhaps you have not yet handled a distress call of this urgency. It will help prepare you for the call that could come at any time. Often, conditions are as poor as in this instance, so pulling out the vital details you must have can be very challenging. 

It helps you appreciate how critical it is for all operators to respect CB 9 and to monitor it as much as possible in the interest of public safety. Note the co-operation among operators in this emergency. Everything came together to save the lives of these two fishermen stranded at sea. They would almost certainly have died had it not been for that CB radio, and some fine skills among all involved.

You can use this video in Team safety presentations or displays, too. It is ideal for REACT Month events, and NPM events later. You can post it on your Team's FB page. Post it on your personal FB page too. It will help the public to better understand just how important your Team's monitoring is. It will also impress upon them their responsibility to operate as professionally as possible for the safety of all. Make it work to your fullest advantage. If you find other uses to suggest for it, please share them with the List. It is a learning and teaching tool that comes along only rarely. Use it well. Thanks to Jay for finding and posting it.

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