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This may be helpful to our REACT Teams. Check out the new section. Check out other sections too. Lots of good material for training at Team meetings or Team safety displays.

Just In Time Disaster Training Library - Smartphone Apps

The Just In Time Disaster Training Library has added a new section entitled "Mobile Apps (Smartphone / Tablets)<http://ow.ly/O0Lqk>". Currently this section contains a small selection of Mobile App videos.

If your agency or organization has produced or if you know of a Smartphone App video that should be included in the Just In Time Disaster Training Library please submit information on the Smartphone App video by accessing http://ow.ly/LtACr.

With over 1,800 disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery training videos the library is the most comprehensive, easy to search, FREE internet based source for training curriculum for today's emergency responders.

The library can be accessed at the following web site:


Join the Just In Time Disaster Training Library's Twitter<https://twitter.com/ChrisDisaster> and Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/DRCG.Preparedness>.

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