[REACT-LIST] [REACTINTL] Using a CB Radio for Emergency Communication - It Can Still Save Your Life.

Ron McCracken ron.mccr at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 31 15:10:42 EDT 2016

My CB still travels with me on long trips, Jay. It has been a blessing on several occasions. Many REACTers who have been on the receiving end of an emergency CB call have had the reward of helping to save lives or minimize the consequences of a mishap for those involved. 

I recall hearing a trucker call for help in a blizzard north of Minneapolis, KANSAS. He was telling a lady his problem but could not hear me. With the details he gave her, I called his dispatcher back in Minneapolis. He was not happy to hear from me in the middle of the night, until I told him the danger his driver was in. 

I asked if the lady had called and he said not. She may have called after me. I never learned the outcome of the call, but I hope it helped save him. He was snowbound in Indian Pass, north of Minneapolis, and was freezing. I hope he stayed with his truck because he was talking about trying to walk. I doubt he would have survived based on the conditions he reported. That, and other calls I handled, gave a real sense of satisfaction.

I know of nothing that has replaced CB to allow truckers to share road info, collision locations, local weather, etc. I expect they still find CB an invaluable and economical comms tool.

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Using a CB Radio for Emergency Communication - It Can Still
 Save Your Life. | Cobra Electronics Corporation


There has been a lot of chatter surrounding the topic of whether or not CB Radios are still relevant today. We recently had a conversation with a Facebook fan who explained his thoughts that the CB Radio has become obsolete in this smartphone-driven age. CB
 Radio still used for emergency communication by the professional driver and can save lives





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