[REACT-LIST] Henry Kreer Check This out on Page 98 I Hope This Works

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Hi Will I Hope This Pix Works on Page 96 96 to 99 About REACT and ALERT and a Pix of Gerald Reese and Henry B. Kreer.  on Page 98


God Bless


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Unfortunately although Pete Kreer did get some publicity, much of it related to is role in founding REACT, that was in a much less visually-oriented time.  Newspaper and even magazine articles generally didn't include photos unless the photo actually contributed to the story - today is just the opposite, everyone publishes photos and then considers maybe adding some text.   He did a couple of TV interviews but again that was before such footage was archived online.  I supposed you could try contacting the TV stations where he appeared to ask if any video or stills might be available.

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I found two (and Jay found another) in the old newspaper style REACTers but unfortunately none of those are anywhere near the quality I need for today's REACTer. I copied them just to see and even my programming can't do anything with them.

Thanks to both you and Jay for your research but I need, preferably, a clear black and white or color so I can use it in the REACTer. This year is the 15th anniversary of Kreer's death.


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I didn't find a photo (although I am almost certain I have seen a few in the past), but I did find his obituaries in a few places




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Does anyone have a picture of Henry Kreer?

I cannot find one anywhere on the net.



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Rather long and a bit dry -- as would be expected in a government report -- but a great glimpse of history.

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