[REACT-LIST] REACT-LIST Digest, Vol 10, Issue 9

Eric Hutchins (K7ELH) k7elh at k6sdg.org
Fri Sep 18 11:32:27 EDT 2015

Hey Kenny,

It's been awhile since Evansville, Indiana huh? Wow...

I am doing well, just been working and scraping by.

Glad to be back involved again. Just started my 3rd new team. One of the 
other two is still going strong.
How are things going for you?

Take care...


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> A redoubt is a term for a fortress or something similar. I believe these
> people may be 'survivalists' or, in the current vernacular, "Preppers".
> BTW, good to see you are still hanging around. Lol...
> Eric Hutchins
> SW CA Skywarn REACT  # 6221
> Escondido, CA
> Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2015 00:55:15 -0400
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> *Eric,*
> *How you doing, guy. It's sure good to see you are also around.*
> *Regards,*
> *Kenny,*
> *REACT Team 2496,*
> *Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies*

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