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Thanks, Stan. I guess we can learn from these new folk on the block. Good for them.

REACT did monitor CB 9 continent-wide. We could still adopt Ch. 9 on GMRS, to build on that familiarity from CB, along with a standard ham frequency. Food for thought. 

REACT is only going to regain its former reputation by doing something of this nature. Teams would monitor the types of radio they wished. Only the frequencies would be standard so the public could easily access our help on whichever radio they had. It was the standard channel on CB that made REACT such a household word. Blessings
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A “redoubt” is a a fort or place of shelter. AMRRON is a prepper 
organization and they are trying  to appeal to HAMs and other 2 way radio 
operators to join them. They have indeed established a organization-wide comm 
plan, something which not even REACT has been able to do.  But that’s 
because AMRRON has individual members, REACT has no individual members except 
Life and Affiliates. Everyone else belongs to a team and we give teams the right 
to establish their own comm plans.  Not saying one is right or wrong, just 
These are the same people who bury container shelters or tank type shelters 
in the ground with nothing but an air vent, a manhole cover and perhaps a 
periscope coming out of the ground.


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What the heck is 
'redoubt'? Their name sure gives no clue as to what they are about. It sounds 
more like a gas brand to me. I wonder what prompted them to select Ch. 3? The 
common channel is a good idea but I expect Ch. 7 would have been a better 
choice. Interesting. Thanks for the tip, Jay. Best wishes to them.

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Watch out REACT A New Team in Town Check out Amrron They use 
CB/Amateur/FRS  I did not Know They was Around a Member Check-In to the 
REACT Net Last Night from Gastonia, NC. 

And They Have a Online Store to Buy Amrron Shirts, Stickers, Flags, 
Stencils, http://webstore.amrron.com/ 
Jay Flora WA4JAY and KBUO-6508 CB-9-19 and WQSJ-975 GMRS
Cleveland County REACT Unit R-1
Shelby, NC

Posted by: Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 <react-unit-14 at hotmail.com> 

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