[REACT-LIST] World Wide REACT Net Check-Ins for 9/12/2015

Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 react-unit-14 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 13 20:51:31 EDT 2015

Had a Good Net Last Night 9/12/2015 I Like to Thank all for Checking-In.
N4AOF Tom  Reg-2 Dr REACT Intl and Louisville Metro REACT and Red Cross Louisville, KY9Z4RG  Robby  Reg-9 Dr REACT Intl and Trinidad & Tobago REACT  West IndiesKJ6QAJ John Pres and Reg-8 Dr REACT Intl and LA County REACT  LA County, CAKF6RFQ  Jon Blackberry REACT Menlo Park, CAKD4STT  Tomas Star Mountain REACT  Etowah, TNKD4YAH  Joe  Asst Reg-3 DR REACT Intl and Star Mountain REACT  Etowah, TN9Z4RGN  Ronald  Saint George County REACT Diego Martin West Indies9Z4OS  Orville  Tobago REACT  West IndiesKB3PNH  David  Howard County REACT  Ellicott City, MDKK4WDQ  Craig REACT  Crestview, Fla9Z4FR  Rohan  Trinidad & Tobago REACT  West Indies9Z4DAA David  Trinidad & Tobago REACT  West Indies9Z4HP  Herbert  Trinidad & Tobago REACT  West Indies
W6GHZ  Rich  CCARS  Shelby, NCW4YAB  Everett  CCARS Mooresboro, NCN4BXB  Herb  CCARS  Shelby, NC
KK4WJF  Ray  AMRRON  Gastiona, NCW5ZAP  Mik  San Antonio, TX K6GRL  Linda  Monterey County ARES+CERT+SKYWARN   Marina, CAWB6DWP  Dave  Santa Cruz County ARES  Aptos, CAKB3JUF  Charles  AREA+RACES  Pocono Mountains Bartonsville, PAKD6DOZ  Christ  Santa Cruz County AREA  CAWB6EFL  Christ  Mission Hills, CA

Thanks to all for Checking-In
Jay Flora WA4JAY and KBUO-6508 CB-9-19 and WQSJ-975 GMRSCleveland County REACT Unit R-1Cleveland County Amateur Radio Service (CCARS)
Shelby, NC

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