[REACT-LIST] I Did not Repost This Any One Want the World Wide REACT Net I Don't

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I Don't Know How This got on Hear I Post it Back in July 2 2015 Unless Sum one Hack my Computer so I am going to get a new Pasward Just in Case.

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This may not be a complaint at all but a suggestion, perhaps a good one, about a slightly different way of doing check-ins. It would conserve air time, and that is an important courtesy in any Net but especially an emergency one. This chap offered to try Net Control so that would be an opportunity to try his check-in method.

Remember, in a disaster, you will almost certainly only use call signs to speed operations. Practising that in the Nets is likely a good idea. Only those new to the Net could be asked by Control for name, state, etc., to simplify and speed the process. Note also that in a disaster the Net Controller may not be the usual one. 

Jay is very wise to give others experience as Net Control. Take advantage. As many as possible should tackle it so the Net will have as many experienced controllers as possible when chaos erupts. Each may do it slightly differently but that is not an issue. Working with various controllers is very valuable experience for all members of the net too. You want to be comfortable in as many different scenarios as possible. In an extended emergency, net members are going to work with several controllers so you want to be prepared. I see a number of positives here that can only enhance the Net as a great REACT resource. Be patient with one another. Blessings

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Subject: Any One Want the World Wide REACT Net I Don't





As of Now I Turn the World Wide REACT Net Over to Joe KD4YSH or any One who Wants to do it I will Check- In but Want do it Iam Told by a REACT Member He Don't Like the Way I do the NET See Blow. I Ask for Check-In by Call, Name, Location, and Team Name's He Don't Like That.
REACT Needs PR and Asking for Call, Name, Location and Team Name is GOOD PR FOR REACT.

Hi Jay
I would volunteer to take the net at some point, and could perhaps do a trial run.  I currently do a repeater hookup, which makes it a challenge to run two (2) Echolink connections from the same Internet service, but am willing to give it a try.
There is one fundamental issue that I have in terms of how the REACT net (and other nets on Echolink such as the DCF and Red Cross nets) are conducted.  I am personally not in agreement with asking persons to check in with their call sign, name, location, team name etc. all at the same time.  I am of the belief that only the call sign should be given when attempting to check-in.  Only upon the net control acknowledging the station and asking them to proceed, should they then give additional information.

So Joe or Who Ever Tacks Over the Net Good Luck the World Wide REACT Net been going for 6 Years so Good Luck to it.
Happy 4th of July and God Bless to all.
Jay Flora WA4JAY Cleveland County REACT
Shelby, NC





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