[REACT-LIST] 'Good and Ready for PrepareAthon' Initiative

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The management exercise offered here is worth investigating. It may be an excellent training tool for your Team. You may be able to adapt it further. Take full advantage of any such opportunities since they can improve safety among your Team members.




      The goal of the "Good and Ready for PrepareAthon" Initiative is to help

individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities to prepare for the next

disaster via a series of daily preparedness videos. 

In addition to the videos the initiative is offering a

<http://www.formidablefootprint.org/> Community Wildfire Response Exercise

and a  <http://www.drc-group.com/project/vrc.html> Disaster Volunteer

Management Exercise for your participation. The exercises are very engaging

and there is NO CHARGE to participate.      

The initiative's web site is found below and contains information on the

exercises as well as each days disaster preparedness video.


To help you prepare your neighborhood and community for the next disaster a

series of daily Tweet, Facebook and E-Mail messages have been developed for

your use. Access these easy to use messages below.

Daily Tweet / Facebook / E-Mail Messages

WORD <http://www.drc-group.com/library/NPM-Daily-Consolidated.doc> 

Please take the opportunity use these messages and to participate in the

Wildfire <http://www.formidablefootprint.org/>  and Volunteer Management

<http://www.drc-group.com/project/vrc.html>  Exercises. 


<http://www.drc-group.com/> DRCG-Logo-Hurricane-E-Mail-SusanGeorge-02

Join the Just In Time Disaster Training Library's

<https://twitter.com/ChrisDisaster> Twitter and

<https://www.facebook.com/DRCG.Preparedness> Facebook.

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