[REACT-LIST] Amateur Radio Emergency Apps

Ron McCracken ron.mccr at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 26 11:20:20 EST 2015

Check the Black Friday sales at your favourite radio outlets. Someone reports a sale in Canada where you can buy the Repeater Directory for $10, and the software for the app is included with it. Other outlets may have similar BF deals.

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It is a good deal -- at least if you travel much -- but its not free 
(unless you choose to do without 2m/70cm or choose to steal it)


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Thanks, Tom. I 
just learned that today. Evidently, the software comes free with the ARRL 
Repeater Directory. It may be on sale from some stores. Folk may also be able to 
borrow the disc from a fellow ham who has it. Maybe someone else has a lead or 
two on where it can be obtained inexpensively. It sure sounds worth getting for 
anyone planning a trip.





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