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Some will not have received this helpful chart from 'Doc' so here it is. Thanks, 'Doc'.

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 Good evening! My postings do not always make the REACT list so if you receive this and it does not show up please forward it on. Thanks. Here are some calling frequencies as mostly found on the ARRL site: BandLimitsCalling1028.00 – 29.70029.600650 - 5450.4 – AM52.525 MAIN FM52.540 FM53.0 Base Simplex53.02 – Simplex53.520 – 53.900 - Simplex2144-148146.520146.400 – 146.58 - Simplex222 1.25 Meters222 - 225223.50043270 cm420 - 450446.00090833 cm.902 – 928902.1  -  927.5903.1 – Alternate927.05 – 927.125 - Simplex125023 cm.1240 - 13001294.500 Hopefully this is useful. All are FM unless indicated otherwise. I also have IRLP 7793 and EchoLink 3544 and operate low power propagation beacons on 28.250, 50.07, 144.290, 222.053, and 432.350. 73 and travel safe! Doc, KØHTF & WQNU766. LM # 561.     From: REACTINTL at yahoogroups.com [mailto:REACTINTL at yahoogroups.com] 
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Subject: RE: [REACTINTL] CB Radio v Amateur Radio   Jay, I believe 146.520 is your best bet on 2m. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. Others may be able to recommend reliable frequencies in other bands too. Most truckers rely on CB so that accounts for its reliability.
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Subject: [REACTINTL] CB Radio v Amateur Radio

   To all My Friends Hope all are well I am ok Just been Busy for the Last 2 Weeks I been Experimenting with CB Radio and Amateur Radio on Ham Radio on Mobile I put out my Call 2 Times on 6 Freq. in my Area That I can Hit from Mobile and No One Replay I do This 4 Times a Day After 6:00 Pm I get Replays Now on the CB Radio Any Time I Call I get a Replay so if I am Traveling to SC, GA or Any Ware I Do Not Count on Amateur Radio for Help Good Old CB Radio Winds Out all the Time I do a lot of Traveling and Never got Help or Highway Info on Amateur Radio I do all the Time on CB Radio.

So That is My Put in on Amateur Radio if I Need Help or Road Info That is Why REACT needs to Stick With CB Radio.

God Bless to all. 

Jay Flora KBUO-6508 CB-9 and 19 and WA4JAY Amateur Radio and WQSJ-975 GMRS
Cleveland County REACT Unit R-1
Shelby, NC 





        Posted by: "Dr. Tom Gruis" <donnatom at netins.net>        

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