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Fantastic, Keith. 
Thanks for the tip. This is an important safety app all our REACT Teams can make known to the public. I have not heard it mentioned anywhere among my ham connections, and Jay obviously was unaware of it also, so REACT Teams do need to publicize it widely as winter and the holiday travel season bores down on us. Doc showed 146.520 as the 'main' frequency in 2m so that is the one we can really stress. If you have any more tips related to this, don't be shy about passing them along. What a contribution. Thanks again to you and to Doc.

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The ARRL has a really great repeater app that combines the 
repeater database with a map. It allows you to set up a route and then it will 
list all the repeaters along your trip. I can travel from one end of the country 
to the other and never be out of contact on 2m or 70cm/440


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I just made the run down from Ontario with CB-19 and found a 
  fair number of truckers there. The weather and traffic were good or I would 
  likely have heard more. There was some skip but it was weather-related, I 
  believe, and normal comms. I sure am grateful for CB in my travels. It has 
  saved my bacon a number of times over the years.

You Ohio folk helped 
  initiate CB-9. Perhaps you could help initiate a similar comprehensive 
  monitoring program on 146.520 since the number of hams is increasing? Using 
  the various repeaters could give those monitoring quite a range, I expect. 
  Think about it and talk it over with other hams to see if it would be 
  feasible. RI is affiliated with ARRL so it would be kind of neat if the two 
  could 'make it happen'. Do let us know if anything develops. Great to hear 
  from you.

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  In my area, there are at least 8 repeaters that you can 
  count on getting a reply on 24/7

It all depends on where you are, the 
  level of activity and the time of day. In some areas repeaters are quiet 
  during working hours, active during drive time and evenings.

In my area 
  the only thing you get on CB are morons with foul mouths running illegal amps 
  splattering the entire 40ch spectrum Even the truck drivers don't use CBs here 
  (at least the legal 40 channels) except certain channels and that is just to 
  talk to the guard shack to get into their load/unload dock then they go back 
  to the "freeband" 

I got rid of my CB gear long ago and am darn glad I 
  did tired of the fould language and ear splitting noise.

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    Jay, I 
    believe 146.520 is your best bet on 2m. Someone can correct me if I am 
    wrong. Others may be able to recommend reliable frequencies in other bands 
    too. Most truckers rely on CB so that accounts for its reliability.

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    To all My Friends Hope all are well I am ok 
    Just been Busy for the Last 2 Weeks I been Experimenting with CB Radio 
    and Amateur Radio on Ham Radio on Mobile I put out my Call 2 Times on 6 
    Freq. in my Area That I can Hit from Mobile and No One Replay I do This 4 
    Times a Day After 6:00 Pm I get Replays Now on the CB Radio Any Time I Call 
    I get a Replay so if I am Traveling to SC, GA or Any Ware I Do Not Count on 
    Amateur Radio for Help Good Old CB Radio Winds Out all the Time I do a lot 
    of Traveling and Never got Help or Highway Info on Amateur Radio I do all 
    the Time on CB Radio.

So That is My Put in on 
    Amateur Radio if I Need Help or Road Info That is Why REACT needs to Stick 
    With CB Radio.

God Bless to 

Jay Flora KBUO-6508 CB-9 and 19 and 
    WA4JAY Amateur Radio and WQSJ-975 GMRS
Cleveland County REACT Unit 
Shelby, NC







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