[REACT-LIST] Shelby Police Call on Cleveland County REACT to Help

Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 react-unit-14 at hotmail.com
Thu May 14 07:05:04 EDT 2015

On 5/14/2013 at 3:40 Am the Shelby Police Call me and ask if I can Stand by with a Broke Down Box Truck.and it Wood be Over 2 Hr be for the Tow Truck got There from Charlotte, NC 60 Miles a Way I Told them I Wood be Glad to and went on to take Over from the Shelby Police Sgt Standing by with the Truck the Sgt. Told me Thanks for Coming out to Take Over so They can go in Service.
The Box Truck Broke Down on Highway 74 West Bound in the Left Lane at Highway 226 I park my REACT Patrol Car in Back of the TruckAbout 50 Feet and Turn my Lightbar  Warning all West Bound Traffic to get in to the Right Lane after the Tow Truck got There and Hook the Box Truck up I Stop all West Bound Traffic to let Him Cross Over on to Highway 226 and Pull in to Shopping Center to Remove Drive Shaft and I Call Disp and Told them the Left West Bound Lane of Highway 74 was Open and all Lanes of Traffic was Moving Good and they Thank me for Coming out to Help.
The Shelby Police are Glad to have Cleveland County REACT Around in Times When they need Help I Told them Call any Time it is Good to Know that the Shelby Police can Count on REACT to be There.
I will go Back to Bead Take Care and God Bless to all.
Disp at 3:40 Am  Arr at 3:58 Am  In-Service at 5:57 Am
Jay Flora WA4JAY and KBUO-6508 CB-9 and WQSJ-975 GMRSCleveland County REACTShelby, NC 		 	   		  
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