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Sun May 10 19:33:43 EDT 2015

*To All,*

*   "Today we honor all Mothers. Their love is a sacrificing love, an
unconditional love, a love that protects their  children from danger. A
good  mother's love, like God's love, encourages them to grow  and become
all they can  be. Today we invoke he power of our Blessed Mother, to help
the  Church to enfold the whole world in Truth and a forgiving and merciful
love as Jesus has commanded us to so".*

 *Here's wishing all MOTHERS of the Congress of the People *[image: COP
DMC's profile photo]*and REACT  *   *Families, and Mothers in the global
environment, an enjoyable and memorable day and  longevity of life with
loved ones.*

*Kenny Jagdeosingh, HBM,*



Luv Ya!
[image: KJ 97 San Antonio's Country Station's photo.]

*D. Jagdeosingh*

*D. Jagdeosingh*
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