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Mon Mar 9 11:24:49 EDT 2015

I'm not an Echolink user, but the concept that a ham operator cannot use  
Echolink because of belonging to a group with too few hams sounds very, very  
wrong. See http://www.echolink.org/
As best as I can determine, ANY licensed ham radio operator can use  
Echolink. There may be some licensing requirements I don't know about (such as  
being at least a Tech) but my limited research says that belonging to a group 
is  irrelevant.
KAD4253, N5IAG
PS: It also strikes me that LISTENING to any amateur radio  transmission 
should be available to anyone, licensed or not.  ct
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Can anyone  help Chris access the weekly REACT net? Please do so via the 
List and you may  help a number of other interested REACTers while you are at 
it. Thanks.

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Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 08:41:38  -0800
Subject: Re: World Wide REACT Net 2/28/2015 9:00  Pm

Hi Jay, 
I was wondering if there were any  scanner apps that the Shelby repeater 
was broadcasting on. The reason I ask is  that currently our REACT group has 
very few HAM members so they are not  allowed to use Echolink, even to 
listen.. They would be interested in  listening to the REACT net though. 
Geographically we are too far away the  receive the signal from the Shelby machine on 
a regular scanner. Please let me  know if you have any ideas.


Chris Edwards
Unit-3 /  K4pvz
Deputy Chief
Alamance County REACT


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