[REACT-LIST] apollo Vii react will be closing up shop as of dec 312015

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Wed Jun 17 07:25:52 EDT 2015

You never know what might happen in the next 6 months Joel. You can close 
down a team by just not re-chartering and disposing of assets according to 
the IRS rules referred to in numerous RI documents. BUT... a positive 
attitude (which I know IS you) more often than not begets positive results. 
Our team has been down to the minimum 3 and as high as 10. We always plan 
for success and renewal. Keep up the great job Apollo VII REACT!


Stan Walters, President
York County REACT

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We have try endless to get new blood we where hoping a person
We know would move back to Illinois he would took over the team but just 
learn he has no
Interested in returning to Illinois

We our direction members to join
Their local cert team
Or other radio communication
Teams in Illinois Such as North Shore Emergency  association

Or lake county races ares group
Or north shore radio group

Or American Red Cross or other
Thank you for your understanding and support
Joel kogen
President of apollo VII react
Team 4534

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