[REACT-LIST] REACT Help with Funeral Escort on 7/27/2015

Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 react-unit-14 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 29 16:25:00 EDT 2015

On 7/27/2015 at 2:58 Pm Chief. Jay Flora WA4JAY of Cleveland County REACT Unit R-1 in Shelby, NC Help Shelby City Police with Funeral Escort Jay was Ask to Block the Intersection at South Dekalb St at East Graham St and Stop all Traffic on Dekalb St so Funeral can Pass by After it Pass by Jay got in Back of Last Car and Following to the Cemetery After it was Over Shelby Police Thank Jay for Helping.
Rec. 2:58 Pm  Arr.4:07 Pm  In-Service at 4:25 Pm
Jay Flora WA4JAY and KBUO-6508 CB-9-19 and WQSJ-975 GMRSCleveland County REACT Unit R-1Shelby, NC 		 	   		  
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