[REACT-LIST] My Report for 7/19/2015

Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 react-unit-14 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 20 13:26:41 EDT 2015

On 7/19/2015 at 2:57 Pm Chief Jay Flora of Cleveland County REACT Unit R-1 in Shelby, NC was Dispatched to Help Shelby Police do Traffic Control on Highway-74 and Charles Road do to Traffic Lights out do to Storm Shelby Police Unit 737 ask Jay to Block off Charles Road and Send all Traffic West to Keep Traffic Moving on Highway-74 and SPD Unit 737 Block Charles Road and Send all Traffic East on Highway-74 and SPD Unit 778 Park in the West Bound Left Turn Lane to Keep Traffic from Turning Left on to Charles Road Highway-74 is Very Busy Road Run East and West in North Carolina it is 2 Lanes West and 2 Lanes East in 2025 the New Highway-74 Bypass will be Open and all 74 Traffic will go North of the City of Shelby, NC This will Help.
at Around 4:30 Pm M-F at Rush Hour Highway-74 is Back Up and hard for Police+Fire+Ems to get to Calls on Highway-74.

Disp. 2:57 Pm  Arr. 3:03 Pm  In-Service at 4:09 Pm
Jay Flora WA4JAY and KBUO-6508 CB-9 & 19  WQSJ-975 GMRSCleveland County REACT Unit R-1Shelby, NC 		 	   		  
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