[REACT-LIST] Why Should REACT use CB Radio

Tomrose Jenkins tomrosejenkins at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 3 02:03:20 EDT 2015

Good Evening To All;
I see the points that have been given a very viable aspect of why the CB radio should still be used. However it seems that one thing was overlooked and that is when there is a major disaster the primary communications get overloaded and cell phones will be out unless it is being directed to a 911 call.
Along with that I am sure there have been numerous occasions that the only way emergency supplies can get to the affected area is by trucks, well they might be needing directions and again here comes one of the only group of people that still have the radios even though they might be a little dusty from sitting on the shelf. So as it has been said earlier do not think that because you use GMRS, Amateur Radio, Murs, Cell Phone, FRS/GMRS radio's that a CB is not needed. Truck drivers going down the road do not have all of the fore mentioned radios for if they did they could automatically become the EOC on wheels. Another point to make is that there is no license rquired,  and they are very inexspensive to buy. So keep those old chicken bander radios dusted and tuned for someday you might need them for major traffic direction from a central station, or just giving out directions for drivers looking for a specific location.
Tom JenkinsRegion 6 DirectorValley Wide REACT 4956Boise, Idaho
P.S. The Valley Wide REACT still uses CB because we are right on Interstate 80 a major route to the Pacific Northwest. 

     On Thursday, July 2, 2015 8:37 PM, Stan AB3EM <ab3emqsl at gmail.com> wrote:

 Hello Jay, REACT teams need to keep all the tools they can in their tool box. By that I am saying I agree with you, you are right on. Cellphones are great when a truck driver needs to call his/her HQ for info, perhaps the destination, etc. But on the road, total strangers cannot use cellphones to communicate because 1) they don’t know each others number and 2) other than hands free, cellphone use is illegal when driving in most states whereas two-way radio use is NOT. But not all teams have major interstates or even state highways in their coverage area so CB may not be worthwhile for them. One REACTer told me trucks don’t use CB in TX so they got out of CB (truckers in TX have told me the opposite, just sayin).  So CB is not a fit for everyone. But where it is, it should be exploited for the good of the driving community. FRS and GMRS may be crowded in places. California and the Great Lakes have very active GMRS repeater groups. And don’t forget MURS, 5 channels near/in the old VHF business band, 2 watts on HTs, mobiles and bases but no repeaters allowed. Its better in foliage then FRS so good for SAR work. And there are teams with Part 90 licenses too. Anyway, your point is a good one, no team should turn its nose up on any viable Part 95 service or Part 90 license it may be able to use for good. By the way Jay, you DO have a great looking REACT ride! York County REACT monitors CB9 or 19 depending on skip and interference. We make mostly weather  related announcements to alert the driving public of severe weather approaching the area. But we do handle an occasional call for assistance or a poor driver report. We have given directions on the air and even provided an escort to a few big rigs off the main road. Keep up the good work Chief Jay,73Stan Stan Walters, President
York County REACT
 From: mailto:REACTcommunications at yahoogroups.com Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2015 10:34 PMTo: REACT LIST ; REACTcommunications at yahoogroups.com ; reactintl at yahoogroups.com ; Alamance County REACT Subject: Why Should REACT use CB Radio   To all my REACT Friends Hope all doing well I am ok This is my Take on Why REACT Should go Back to Using CB Radio. 
Me and Hubert R-48 was Going over to Charlotte, NC Today going to the Airport to Pick Up a Friend from Germany on the way There I Monitor CB Channel-19 I was on I-85 I Herd Truckers say Look that Car Say REACT there use to be a REACT Back in the 70's and 90's but I Don't See Them or Hear of Them in Over 20 or More Years I Broke In and Told Them That REACT is Still Around 2015 is There 53rd Year and I am With Cleveland County REACT out of Shelby, NC and 2015 is are 20th Year.
They Told me They Never See a REACT Members or Hear a REACT on the CB any More I Told Them REACT Went to GMRS and Amateur Radio so He say so REACT is Just a Another Amateur Radio Club I Told Them Cleveland County REACT is not we use CB Radio and Amateur Radio and we do Monitor Channels 9 and 19 They say if There ever in Shelby, NC and Need Help They will Call on CB-9 and 19 I ok Good and Wish Them a Good 4th of July.
After we got Dunn Talking I Heard Other CBers Talking about REACT so I Thank REACT Needs to get Back to Using CB Radio Monitor Channel-19 to Give Info to Truckers and Other CBers This will Give REACT Good PR and get the Name REACT Out There and More People in to REACT and may be More Teams and if There was a Big EMERGENCY People Wood go to CB Radio to get Help and Info and REACT Needs to Be the Ones Who is There to Help Them.
Yes Amateur Radio is Good but it is Just One Tool in are Box of Tools we Need CB Radio as are Number 1 Tool.
I Know I will get Neg. Feed Back But I am Telling it the way it is a lot of People ask Ware is all the REACT Teams if we are Still Around.
To all Have a Safe 4th of July and God Bless to all.
Jay Flora Flora KBUO-6508 CB-9 and 19 and WQSJ-975 GMRS and WA4JAY Amateur RadioCleveland County REACT Unit R-1Shelby, NC__._,_.___Posted by: Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 <react-unit-14 at hotmail.com> 
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