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Good advice, Will. Our Team has had no involvement with United Way. However, a small Christian organization here did engage with them years ago and was devastated. Grantors will check out your Team. Teams need to check out potential grantors carefully, too. I expect the Christian group failed to do that.

Our Team has received small grants from local Lions and Optimists clubs. Both were ideal to work with. That is why I suggested starting locally with organizations your Team knows well. Most Teams do not need large grants so there is less need to go farther afield, especially at first until you get a feel for the grant process. Neither the Lions nor the Optimists required our Team to sign anything. 

If a grantor wants you to sign, that should likely raise a red flag and indicate that more caution is needed. Study any such document carefully with others on your Team before proceeding. Grantors will impose reasonable restrictions to ensure that moneys are spent as your Team indicated. They will expect a grant for radios to be spent on radios, logically. They will not normally expect to dictate how the radios will be used by your Team, other than for lawful purposes and the public good. Thanks for alerting us. 

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All good ideas, Ron. But a word of caution from experience. Be VERY careful 
about accepting grants or donations from your local United Way group. They do 
good work, but the one in our area (and I’m not saying they are all this way) 
tried to control HOW we used our radios, which is what the grant was for. They 
told us we could not use local business names in our transmissions (I.e: “I need 
more traffic control over by Lou’s Bar”) as that would be a violation of their 
by-laws that prohibited promotion of any single local business. We finally told 
them that we would run our team the way OUR by-laws specified and if they wanted 
to deny the grant in the next cycle, then so be it. It was a foolish argument to 
be sure, but we felt we had to set a precedent or they would end up running our 
team! And they were not our only source of funding.
So, a cautious word – and it is good for any agency that wants to give you 
money – INVESTIGATE them, see how other like-minded groups found them to work 


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Region 9 
Director Robbie posted a recommended book about ham radio on Facebook that you 
might want to check out.

Grants are something else that have long 
interested Teams. Some have sought and received grants. A new book that can help 
if your Team is keen is Grant Writing for Dummies. I picked up a copy at 
the library so you need not buy it unless you wish to.

It is worth a look 
even if you have had success before. You are likely familiar with the format 
that makes it easy to use. The 'Tips' and 'Warnings' right in the margins are 
worth their weight in gold. They can save you a lot of grief and wasted hard 
work. Checking those alone is very worthwhile regardless of how experienced you 
are. Things change, so you must keep up. Reminders of the basics are well 
worthwhile too.

Start small is my advice. Local service clubs or 
other community organizations exist in part to help other groups like your Team 
succeed and prosper. Our Team has had several grants from the Lions, Optimists, 
etc. That may be as far as your Team needs to look. Meanwhile, there is nothing 
like success to encourage you as you tackle grants from farther afield if you 
need more funding than local groups can offer.

Safety and 
Education are the focuses of REACT Teams so check those categories when 
seeking potential grantors. Your library will have directories to help you. Some 
grantors limit their gifts to  specific states/provinces, so look for those 
first. Ask only for what your Team absolutely needs and you will enhance your 
likelihood of success.

Grant Writing for Dummies will help just 
about anyone who is seeking a grant for his Team. Give it a close look before 
you begin. It and other tools can make a big difference and help your Team win 
its grant request. 

If your Team has had success with grant requests, 
please share your stories and tips here to encourage others. Best wishes.





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