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Paul is exactly right. Grantors want details of what service/s your Team provides to its community. They also want a recent financial report. No sweat. You already have both right at your fingertips.

This is where the stats your Team submits with its renewal each year pay off in spades. Simply make a copy of those activity reports you send to HQ and that part of your grant application is likely done. 

You guessed it. Simply make a copy too of the financial report your Team submits to the IRS or state tax folk or to your Team's annual meeting. Magic. Again, that part of your grant application is finished. What could be easier?

Much of what you need for a grant application you already have on hand. Check the tips in the book anyway for other ways to enhance the likelihood of success as you seek grants. Keep a copy of all you submit to a grantor. It will come in really handy next time you have a grant opportunity, and save you even more time. 

Let the List know of your grant achievements, large or small, to encourage other Teams. Best wishes. 

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Ron, Robbie & Ron – Good Stuff Great advice and recommendation on the book. Also, all of the grants will want to know what you have accomplished, the number of hours and how you spend your money (budgets). Keep a running account of the details of what you do and the number of volunteer hours. Usually a grant will be for a specific purpose and “general operations” usually won’t work. Be specific as possible when requesting a grant such as buying or replacing a repeater, maintenance of radios, purchasing a “Gator”, etc. They will also want to know how the grant will help your served population.As Ron mentions, start small and seek GRANTS. If you’re going to ask a business owner for a donation of $100 instead ask for a GRANT of $100 in writing. This will provide a history of applying for and receiving GRANTS. This is something some grantors look for.Match your grant request to grantors that are willing to make that type of grant. Grantors are usually looking for applications for a specific usage. Most grantors ask for an account of how, where and when the grant was used. Provide this information and keep really good records as some grantors may request a refund of the grant if it isn’t used as indicated in the grant request. My wife works at a local public library and helps to coordinate the “grant center” where local organizations can search for grantors. As Ron mentioned, your local library is a good resource and you may have a local or regional library that has a “grant research center”. Just as an aside – I have not seen grants given for uniforms however PPE (personal protection equipment) is a different matter. ANSI level 3 vest, safety gloves, goggles, helmets, turnout gear are some items that may be covered by grants. Don’t forget to ask your local government for grants. One of our local CERTs gets between $3,000 - $5,000 per year from the OEM Emergency Services Grant. This grant has been traditionally used to purchase PPE as listed above including Level 3 raingear, level 3 Parkas, job shirts (which are considered cold weather protection, not uniforms). Sometimes it comes down to how the grant is worded. Paul  From: REACT-LIST [mailto:react-list-bounces at lists.reactintl.net] On Behalf Of Ron McCracken
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Subject: [REACT-LIST] Grants for Your Team? Region 9 Director Robbie posted a recommended book about ham radio on Facebook that you might want to check out.

Grants are something else that have long interested Teams. Some have sought and received grants. A new book that can help if your Team is keen is Grant Writing for Dummies. I picked up a copy at the library so you need not buy it unless you wish to.

It is worth a look even if you have had success before. You are likely familiar with the format that makes it easy to use. The 'Tips' and 'Warnings' right in the margins are worth their weight in gold. They can save you a lot of grief and wasted hard work. Checking those alone is very worthwhile regardless of how experienced you are. Things change, so you must keep up. Reminders of the basics are well worthwhile too.

Start small is my advice. Local service clubs or other community organizations exist in part to help other groups like your Team succeed and prosper. Our Team has had several grants from the Lions, Optimists, etc. That may be as far as your Team needs to look. Meanwhile, there is nothing like success to encourage you as you tackle grants from farther afield if you need more funding than local groups can offer.

Safety and Education are the focuses of REACT Teams so check those categories when seeking potential grantors. Your library will have directories to help you. Some grantors limit their gifts to  specific states/provinces, so look for those first. Ask only for what your Team absolutely needs and you will enhance your likelihood of success.

Grant Writing for Dummies will help just about anyone who is seeking a grant for his Team. Give it a close look before you begin. It and other tools can make a big difference and help your Team win its grant request. 

If your Team has had success with grant requests, please share your stories and tips here to encourage others. Best wishes. 		 	   		  
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