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If your team or any member of your team is going to use a red light for anything be sure to look at your state laws first and have a copy of it in your vehicle at all times. You may find that being who we are we can only use amber lights when we're parked.Paul Oby
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Subject: Re: [REACT-LIST] [REACTINTL] RE: REACT Can Use Red Lights in North Carolina    Not only that but check auto insurance as well. Some,if not all, consider POVs with emergency lights as an emergency vehicle and  charge according.        Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone 

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   Jay, you will have to monitor very carefully the use of red lights. The privilege can quickly come full circle to bite you. As Tom mentioned, it has posed problems for some Teams in the past. I would invite police to attend a Team meeting to detail just what they expect of your members. That should benefit everyone concerned. Best wishes. 

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         Good News for REACT Members/Teams in North Carolina.          GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA SESSION 2013 SESSION LAW 2013-415 HOUSE BILL 15 *H15-v-6*    AN ACT TO (1) FACILITATE THE USE OF VEHICLES EXCLUSIVELY FOR LAW  ENFORCEMENT, FIREFIGHTING, OR OTHER EMERGENCY RESPONSE  PURPOSES BY THE DIVISION OF PARKS AND RECREATION OF THE  DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES AND THE  NORTH CAROLINA FOREST SERVICE OF THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE  AND CONSUMER SERVICES AND (2) DIRECT THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC  SAFETY TO STUDY METHODS OF ALLOWING PRISONERS TO CONTRIBUTE TO  CLEANUP AND MITIGATION EFFORTS IN CONNECTION WITH STATES OF  EMERGENCY DECLARED IN THIS STATE.    The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts: SECTION 1.(a) G.S. 20-125(b) reads as rewritten:    "(b) Every vehicle owned and or operated by a police department or by the Department  of Public Safety including the State Highway Patrol or by the Wildlife Resources Commission  or the Division of Marine Fisheries Fisheries, or by the Division of Parks and Recreation of the  Department of Environment and Natural Resources, or by the North Carolina Forest Service of  the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and used exclusively for law  enforcement enforcement,  
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