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REACT Teams may be able to arrange some training or a drill, etc., during REACT Month. It would be another good opportunity to  partner with CERT or other groups (hams, SAR, etc.) to build relationships. Now is the time to plan. Best wishes.

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From: FEMA (Federal Emergency Management 

Why America’s PrepareAthon! Makes Sense for CERT and How 
You Can Get Involved

 Expanding the 
Reach of Your Programs to New Partners and Community Members

FEMA is asking for CERT volunteers around the country to use America’s 
PrepareAthon! to prepare even more Americans for disasters. As you know, not 
everyone interested in disaster preparedness may be willing or able to devote 
20+ hours to complete the basic CERT training. Many people just want to learn 
enough to keep themselves and their families, places of work, or schools safe 
during an emergency. America’s PrepareAthon! is a great option for them, because 
participation can be as simple as practicing a protective action, participating 
in a drill, or even just downloading an app or signing up for alerts and warning 

We need your support, as preparedness leaders in your communities, to 
reach these individuals and organizations and to help them participate. It’s 
also important that you and anyone else participating in America’s PrepareAthon! 
register at www.ready.gov/prepare. 
Registering makes participants officially a part of the biggest preparedness 
effort in the United States, allows them the option to be listed on the website 
with others taking action this year, and provides them with a platform to 
motivate and inspire others by example to prepare for disasters.

Here’s what CERT can do this year and how your programs can benefit:

  Work with 
  community partners to help them organize their own preparedness drill or 
  exercise.  CERT programs frequently plan, organize, and 
  participate in drills, exercises, and simulations. Share your expertise to 
  help your community become better prepared!  You can use America’s 
  PrepareAthon! to open doors to new partners who are interested in preparedness 
  and looking for an easy way to get started. Reach out to businesses and 
  organizations in your communities, and expand your networks and relationships! 
  Open the discussion with America’s PrepareAthon! to “get your foot in the 
  door,” but remind them that CERT is a great next step.

  individuals and families in conversations about local hazards and the 
  appropriate protective actions. Start a door-to-door canvassing 
  campaign to talk about preparedness in your neighborhoods. Talk to your 
  neighbors about local hazards and how they can stay safe, and use your smart 
  phones and tablets to help walk them through the America’s PrepareAthon! website 
  and register. 
  You can also talk to neighbors about CERT and the important role you play in 
  your community.

  Conduct a 
  brief drill or exercise during the Disaster Preparedness unit of your next 
  scheduled CERT training.  Hands-on training is one of CERT’s 
  many strengths, but the Disaster Preparedness unit doesn’t include as many 
  activities compared to the others. Why not have participants take part in a 
  short drill or exercise for a hazard relevant to your community, or a brief 
  discussion? As part of that unit’s “homework,” you can also ask participants 
  to encourage their families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to learn about 
  local hazards and practice protective actions. 
The America’s PrepareAthon! website (www.ready.gov/prepare) 
has several free, downloadable tools and resources which you can use to organize 
drills, exercises, discussions, and other activities.

As a way to say thanks for a job well done, we will be featuring a limited 
run of stories about CERT programs that organized exceptional America’s 
PrepareAthon! events last year in the Individual and Community Preparedness 
E-Brief. If you would like your CERT considered for a future mention, be sure to 
register your America’s PrepareAthon! event or activity at www.ready.gov/prepare.  
And be sure to follow us @PrepareAthon and tell us about your preparedness 
activities through Twitter and Facebook using #PrepareAthon.

Thank you as always for all of the work that you do to make America stronger, 
more resilient, and better prepared. If you have any questions about America’s 
PrepareAthon! please let us know by contacting prepareathon at fema.gov.







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