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This is becoming most interesting.
Anyone else became a member before 1964? That's when REACT 601 became a
member of REACT in T
Trinidad and Tobago!


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Golly, I had no idea either Bob was that OLD. Blessings

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Bob Hitch of Dallas County REACT was a charter member of what was then
named "Operation REACT Watch of Dallas County, Inc." 1 August 1967.

However, I suspect that Bob Leef (unattached LM) joined in 1962, which was
the  year REACT International was founded.


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That would be a lot more interesting if we knew who "FL_PI" was

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I first joined in 1969


On 8 Jan 2015 at 18:53, warren deitz dpreact57 at yahoo.com [REACTco wrote:

> HiI joined REACT in 1975"Citywide REACT", NYC
> Warren
> Hi,I joined REACT in 1978 but a number of people preceded me, I'm
> sure. Blessings> From: apolloviireact at gmail.com> Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015
> 12:55:31 -0600> To: react- list at lists.reactintl.net> Subject:
> [REACT-LIST] Who has been the longest member of a react> > Out of
> curiosity like to know who's been the longest member of react> I
> started back in 1983 it's been 31 years I hope other members have a
> longer records> Reactively > Joel kogen > > Sent from my iPhone

Posted by: FL_PI at infoagency.com


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