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February 4, 2015


Glendale, CA, February 4, 2015- At the 2015 Annual Board Meeting held in Las Vegas, NV on January 26th, 2015, the Directors selected a new primary logo to represent REACT International.  The logo selected was one of 10 developed for REACT by Logobench of Sunnyvale, CA (http://logobench.com).

This project which was originally approved by the Board of Directors at the 2012 Annual Board Meeting has been long in the making.  While REACT International will begin use of the new logo immediately, teams and councils are still free to utilize any of the approved logos they wish for their daily use.  While we would like to see the teams and councils utilize the new logo, it is not mandatory.

Shortly you will see a change in the REACT International Website as well as Social Media Presence on Facebook and Twitter to coincide with the new look.  The Board of Directors has authorized President Capodanno to contract with Logobench to complete this work so that we have a unified look and feel to both the website as well as the social media outlets.

President Capodanno stated today that he is enthused by the choice of the new logo and the prospect of a more up to date feel to our public presence.  We greatly hope that this new look will appeal to the younger generation of potential members which will ensure REACT's existence well into the future.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact John Capodanno, President at (301) 316-2900 or email at RI.HQ at REACTIntl.org.
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