[REACT-LIST] World Wide REACT Net Check-Ins 1/31/2015

Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 react-unit-14 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 1 11:16:43 EST 2015

We had a Very Good World Wide REACT Last Night Hear are the Check-Ins for Last Night 1/31/2015 Thanks to all who did Check-In.
K4DCT  Roy Reg-3 Dr  Tampa Bay, Fla  REACTKC5NKK  Charle  Reg-7  Dr  San Antonio, Tx  REACTN4AOF  Tom Reg-2  Dr  Louisville, Ky  REACT9Z4RG  Robby  Reg-9  Dr  Trinidad and Tobago  REACT9Z4FR  Rohon  Trinidad and Toboago  REACTK0HTF  Doc  Algona, Ia  REACTWA4BPW  Sam  Boiling Springs, NC  REACT and ARC and Fire DeptN7VOI  Tom  Reg-6  Dr   Elko, Nv   REACTKD4YSH  Joe  Asst Reg-3  Dr  Etowah, Tn  REACTKD4STT  Tom   Tellico Plains, Tn   REACTKA4TXY  Dave  Palm Coast, Fla   REACTKF6RFQ  John  Menlo Park, Ca  REACTKG4JJM  Robert  Cherryville, NC  REACT

W4YAB  Everett  Shelby, NC   CCARSW6GHZ  Rich   Richmand, Ca  CCARSN4BXB  Herb Shelby, NC  CCARSN4CLY  Cly  Ellenboro, NC  CCARSKF4LVC  Vince  Kings Mountain, NC  CCARS

K9BND  Blaine  Carrington, ND  Wants to Start a REACT TeamKK6LDZ  Jackie  Pacific Grove, Ca  CERTKK4VZI  Nick  Chilhowie, Va  KG6DOZ  Christ Aptos, CaKE6RAX  Petter  Santa Cruz, Ca   Coast Guard Aux and ARES+CERTKK4KBL  Barrie  Shelby, NC  Security OfficerKK4TRL  Tony  Mount Holly, NC  Fixing to Start a Gaston County REACT
Thanks to You all for Checking In.
Jay Flora WA4JAY and KBUO-6508 CB-9 and WQSJ-975 GMRSCleveland County REACT Unit R-1Shelby, NC

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