[REACT-LIST] Digital HT's for Amateurs, $130 and Up

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Wed Dec 30 15:55:01 EST 2015

Here is a delayed tip from Paul that may benefit some REACTers. Thanks, Paul. Happy New Year all.

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These are DMR (Digital Mobile Radios) sometimes referred to by the Motorola brand name of Mototrbo. I don't have experience with the amateur version but our CERT group purchased 20 radios with upgraded batteries and speaker mics. They work GREAT! We have two repeater freqs and 3 simplex freqs that we use for CERT (all licensed commercial freqs). They work with any DMR compatible radio (Motorola, Hyteria, etc). I personally use Motorola (XPR-7750, XPR-7650, XPR-5550) and own Motorola Mototrbo repeaters. I'm hoping to have an Amateur DMR repeater up soon, depends on getting paperwork completed and antenna testing. These repeaters link (IP links) together to form a Worldwide network. They then are broken down into various geographical regions (Country, Regional, State and local geographic). Additional information can be found at: DMR-MARC Network                             DMR-MARC Network   DMR-MARC The Motorola Amateur Radio Club TRBO DMR Network              View on www.dmr-marc.net          Preview by Yahoo              





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