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Hi Charles Talk with Your Sheriff and Chief of Police in 1995 When we Start Cleveland County REACT we Meet with the Sheriff and Chief of Police and Told Them watt we Want to do to Help Them and They was all for it we Have a Good Relationship with the Police and Sheriff Dept They Know They can Count on REACT in Times of EMERGENCY's to be There to Help are Team Main Job is Traffic Control for the City and County.

Try to get the Loco Hams in to Your Team we use the Cleveland County Amateur Radio Service (CCARS) Repeater to do the REACT Net and Get on the CB Radio and Look for Volunteers if There is a GMRS Repeater in Your Area Talk to Them and See if They Like to be Members and get Your GMRS License.

We still Monitor CB Channel-9 it get Busy in Times of Bad Weather Like Snow and Ice on Mobile we Monitor CB-19.

Good Lick on Starting Your New REACT Team and God Bless.

Jay Flora WA4JAY and KBUO-6508 CB-9-19 and WQSJ-975 GMRS

Cleveland County REACT Unit R-1

Shelby, NC

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Wow! Never expected all this response!! I thank you all!

It's going to happen. Perhaps I'm just a bit impatient.

You WILL be hearing of our success here in the Poconos!!

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Hello Charles,

Hope you succeed. Let’s see if any of these ideas can work for you.
There are many ways to do recruitment. Some work better than others given location and circumstances.

1) Make friends with your local media outlets, TV, radio, print and see if you can get an announcement about your startup. Having a date for an organizational meeting to be announced gives the announcement a specific purpose.  Also checkout free community bulletin boards, physical as well as the online variety.

2) Until you are a team, you can promote the proposed team using your personal FB and Twitter feeds.

3) Many states are moving away from the traditional Amateur Radio ARES/RACES structure and going to the Auxiliary Communication Service model. PA is one state that has done so and thanks to a fellow REACTer, REACT was written in to the plan up front. Check this out;


Check to see if your state EMA did not do the same thing. This is great news for REACT teams utilizing Part 90 and Part 95 radio service, EMA wants you!  No longer do state agencies want all their eggs in the Amateur ONLY basket.

4) You have to BE a team already but sights like http://www.volunteermatch.org/ allow you to create volunteer opportunities. The basic account is FREE and you can list several volunteer openings under your account. Then post those to your social media accounts.

5) Find out where and when your local Auxiliary Communication Service committee or group meets and go to the meeting. When you get a turn to speak, introduce yourself and tell them you are planning to start a REACT team. Tell them what radio bands, services, etc you plan to use (Part 97 Amateur, Part 95 GMRS, FRS, MURS, CB, Part 90 business band). Member teams of REACT International, Inc. have the opportunity to use the itinerate Part 90 frequency on a temporary basis for an event, disaster or incident, etc.

6) Haven’t tried this one yet but we plan to. Look up HAMs by zipcode  http://www.radioqth.net/ziplookup .  Then use the NTS system to send them each an invite/tease about your team via RadioGram.  I will have to report how this works unless someone else tries it 1st.

7) Our team has an annual holiday social and we invite the local HAM club members to stop by and say hello, enjoy some holiday snacks and cider. There is no cost and no commitment of length of time. Other teams have told me they have an annual picnic and do the same thing. You could also invite local elected officials and EMA staff to get a little friendlier.

8) Our team has one more trick up our sleeves. We do fund raising by recycling beverage cans, toner and ink cartridges and old computers. No one pays dues or insurance fees out of their pocket as long as they contribute to the fund raising effort in a meaningful way. We have been able to do this now for 3 or 4 years. We have no events where we receive any kind of donation so this is how we raise funds. Some teams are able to secure donations from served organizations once they are up and running.

OK, I am sure that others have many more ideas. Jump on this topic with your recruitment successes.

Stan AB3EM WQFD736

Stan Walters, President
York County REACT

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Starting a React Team here in the Poconos. Anyone have ideas to get additional candidates to volunteer for the team? I have three, including myself, but would like couple more to make sure to keep the charter.

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