[REACT-LIST] Points of Light Upcoming Trainings and Exercises

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That occurred last week and it was excellent. It was recorded and available
online. If anyone wants the link just email me (Paul at W4ATN.com
<mailto:Paul at W4ATN.com> ) and I'll send it to you.




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This first one, 'Social Media in Emergency Management' should offer some
good tips Teams will find they can adapt to benefit their Team PR and safety
ed programs. The 'REACT Members' Facebook page is one good example of how
Teams can put social media to good use. Have a look at both. Blessings


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Subject: FWI: Points of Light Upcoming Trainings and Exercises






Subject: Points of Light Upcoming Trainings and Exercises


Subject: Points of Light Upcoming Trainings and Exercises


Please feel free to share with your partners, stakeholders and colleagues
across the state, region, and nation.

Free Disaster Trainings and Exercises 

Points of Light is offering FREE online trainings to help your
organizations, agencies, and volunteers respond to disasters. 


Social Media in Emergency Management #SMEM 

August 12, 2015, 2:00-3:00pm ET

Presented by Corey Mulryan, Associate and EMSS Coordinator, Hagerty


Agencies and jurisdictions must know how to use social media in real time
during disasters. We will show you how to use social media tools effectively
to communicate and collaborate with your targeted audiences. Don't miss this
interesting and fun presentation! To register for this training, visit:


Management of Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers Training

September 2, 2015, 2:00-4:00pm ET

Presented by Ken Skalitzky, Emergency Management Director, Volunteer Florida


Disasters often evoke an outpouring of individuals wanting to be a part of
response and relief activities.  These individuals, although
well-intentioned, are rarely trained and can add to the already overtaxed
resources available to assist the impacted community.  This online training
will help organizations manage "spontaneous" volunteers effectively. To
reserve a spot in this training, please visit:



Operation Volunteer Placement: A Volunteer Reception Center Exercise

September 24, 2015


Operation Volunteer Placement allows agencies and organizations tasked with
the coordination of spontaneous volunteers during a disaster to exercise
their plan in a web-based simulation.  Participants work together as a
unified team in establishing, managing and demobilizing a Volunteer
Reception Center.  


This exercise is intended for group interaction and should include local
partners involved in the management of disaster volunteers, including EMAs
and sister government agencies, VOADs, and other nonprofits.  This exercise
is self-paced and can be accessed between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. ET. It
lasts between 90 minutes and three hours, depending on group interaction. 


NOTE: While intended for group interaction, each participant should
individually register to ensure receipt of post-exercise certificate of


For additional information and to register, visit:




Points of Light-the world's largest organization dedicated to volunteer
service-mobilizes millions of people to take action that is changing the
world. Through affiliates in 250 cities and partnerships with thousands of
non-profits and corporations, Points of Light engages four million
volunteers in 30 million hours of service each year. We bring the power of
people to bear where it's needed most. For more information, go to
<http://www.pointsoflight.org> www.pointsoflight.org. 


Good & Ready is a national initiative to help ensure everyone can be
prepared for a disaster.  For more information, go to
<http://www.goodandready.org> www.goodandready.org. Follow us on Twitter at
@goodandreadyorg and like us on Facebook at
www.facebook.com/goodandready.org. Email us at:
<mailto:DisasterTraining at pointsoflight.org>
DisasterTraining at pointsoflight.org. 


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