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Fri Apr 24 15:39:40 EDT 2015

Ok I will Not Send any Reports to You I will Just Post on REACT Yahoo Groups and I will Post are Event we are Working Sat and Sun at Shelby City Park the Mery-go-Around Fest.

Thank you for your response. I have clearly and fairly outlined some very basic steps to produce an article that may be suitable for inclusion in The REACTer in my previous email below. I challenge you and your members to submit an article based on those criteria at which point I will be more than happy to consider your team’s submission for the next and future issue(s). Regards, Brad Walker, EditorThe REACTerwww.thereacter.com 
From: react-unit-14 at hotmail.com
To: b.walker at reactintl.org
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:41:27 -0400

Hi Mr. Brad Walker Editor of the REACTer  In the Pass the Other Editors of the REACTer Post my Stuff and of Other Individual Members for There Work in REACT.
If You Single Out a Member for There Work and Just Wont Team's Work That is not Fair to the Member and When You are a Small Team and Just Have 6 Members With Just 3 Active Members it is Hard to do a Team Event I Sent in a report That Me and Sam Richardson Working the Shelby Christmas Parade Last Year it was not Use 2 is a Team Maybe That is Why no Members or Teams Send in Stuff and it is NOT Fair You Use Waterloo REACT in EVERY REACTer and You Play Favorites to Them Not Fair to Other Teams if Any One Gets Mad I Don't Care Look in the Long Past REACTer and You will See Ware Individual Members had There Stuff in the REACTer.
We are a Small Team May be You Have a Very Big Team Good for You Don't Put Down the Small Teams and THE INDIVIDUAL THIS is Y REACT is Falling OFF.
Jay FloraI am the Last Founding Member Left in Cleveland County REACT 20 Years 2015.and MAY Be are Last Year and I May Stop the Doing the World Wide REACT Net.
I get More Non REACT Members Checking In Then REACT Members

Your recent email has been brought to my attention (see below).
I appreciate your enthusiasm and your willingness to contribute to and support
We were very happy to include the Special Mention of you being presented the award from the Shelby Police Chief.
That being said, unfortunately REACT is an organization based on teamwork and member involvement.  We typically report on team and regional activities, and
 not individual efforts (i.e. individual members responding to accident scenes).
If you would like to submit a full article outlining the different initiatives your team is currently embarking on, or the role your team plays in promoting
 public safety, I would be more than happy to consider including it in the next issue.
We require full article submissions, which typically follow the format below:
At least 2-3 body paragraphs describing the story you are telling (usually this includes information that may be useful on a broad scale for other
A relevant, high-resolution photograph of your team (multiple members) in action
Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling (if you cannot provide this, please have someone you know review and rework the article with you before
 you submit)
I understand that we do not all have a knack for writing.  Before sending your article, may I suggest that you have a friend, family member, or fellow REACT
 member review your work and make any grammatical and structural revisions before sending to me.  I only edit for basic grammatical errors.  I, unfortunately, cannot completely rewrite an entire article to make it suitable for inclusion in The REACTer.
Please refer to past issues of The REACTer for examples of how articles are written and structured when they are submitted to me.  I typically do not have to
 make many revisions.
Unfortunately, if you continue to send reports similar to those you have sent in the past, I simply cannot include them.  If you can submit an article that
 follows the above criteria, there is a much better chance it will be included in the next edition. 

Once again thank you for your continued interest and I look forward to what you can come up with!
Best regards,

Brad Walker, Editor
cc:  John Capodanno


Hi to all my REACT Friends Hope You are doing well I am doing Good Just been Busy With REACT I got the REACTer to and They Did not Use any of are Stuff I been Sending for the Last 2 Years
 and my Members are Mad 2 of are Members are not going to Renew for 2016 and When we do get a REACTer Waterloo REACT is in There Every Time That Must Be a Very Special Team to get in the REACTer Every Time all the Stuff I been Sending in They Can DO A BIG REACTer
 Y Wast my Time Sending Stuff In I Gust watt We do is not Important and I Use to FW: the REACTer to the Police Chief and all Officers I Have on my Email List and They Love to Read it When it had Stuff That REACT Teams was Doing.
Sorry for Going on Like This it Just Makes me Mad They ask for Stuff for the REACTer and we Send it in Ever Time and They Don't Use it and Yes They Use Just one the Award I got from Shelby
 Police Back in Dec 2014 That's all in a Very Long Time.
I will go Take Care and God Bless to all My Friends
Jay Flora 

Cleveland County REACT for the Rest of 2015??? Renew for 2016????
From: Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 [mailto:react-unit-14 at hotmail.com]

Sent: April-19-15 7:46 PM

To: TheREACTer Editor

Subject: Up Date on my REACTer Report


Hi Brad Hear is Up Date on my Report and Pix of Today's 4/19/2015 Accident I Hope You use it in the Next REACTer.


God Bless.


Jay Flora

Cleveland County REACT 

Shelby, NC







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