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Fri Apr 17 21:15:15 EDT 2015

Please take a few moments tomorrow, 19 April at 9:02 AM to remember the
worse domestic terrorist attack on our country. It happened 20 Years ago.
Remember when a person decided to take matters into his own hands and not
work within the system for something he thought was wrong. Sometime action
is needed like the Boston Team party, but not all the time. And not the
senseless slaughter of 168 innocent civilians and children. This attack hit
us hard here in Oklahoma City, some of us on the personal level. 
This was the time that Oklahoma showed the world what the Oklahoma Standard
was. Not something that we hoped to have to show the world. Especially in
this time of situation. 
Some of the surrounding REACT teams were able to come in and help. That help
will not be forgotten as time slowly fades the hurt. 
Please take that moment and hope this never happens again. 
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